We are now forming a republican government. Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.

I'm having a hard time answering your question.

Elliott has long eyelashes.


Are you scared to talk to girls?

How do you account for that?

Last night there was a fire near here, and I couldn't sleep.

Sidney knocked out John with a baseball bat.

Could you cast an eye over my essay before I hand it in?

Why are we stopping?

Let's get started right away.

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He likes strange animals, things like snakes, for example.

Isn't Kerry handsome?

Dan was last seen wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket.


We have large, medium, and small. What size do you want?

He became more obstinate as he grew older.

Do you find me repulsive?

It is kind of you to talk about it for me.

You look a little green.

Do you smoke?

Benson walked back to his seat and sat down.


I'm a cheerful and nice guy.


Liyuan took a cup out of the cabinet.

I don't speak Swedish.

No trace of Napoleon's waltz across Europe appears in the pastoral novels of Jane Austen.

He's a funny man.

Is that what happened here?

Sometimes it's hard to resist the impulse to burst out laughing.

Remember you must die.


Craig had no choice but to do what he had been told to do.


The most important feature of all games is that they are governed by rules.

I want to cut down on the time it takes to process records.

The new hall is double the size of the old one.

The answer will surprise you.

It's a special time for us.

We can't go back.

What a prick!

I'll take care of your kitten while you're away.

I don't know anyone named Stanley.

How did you get this job?

Lowell climbed up the stairs to his apartment.

We depend on foreign nations for our natural resources.

Mickey speaks several languages.

Mr Norton is pleasant to work with.

The traffic accident deprived him of his sight.

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You'll have to pay double.

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Maria didn't suspect that "Murph", her pen-friend, with whom she had been corresponding for months over the Internet and whom she secretly loved, without ever having met him, was actually a super-intelligent squirrel.


Classes begin next Tuesday.

What is it you want, Raj?

We mortals die in a thousand ways; we are born in only one. There are a thousand diseases of men, but only one source of health.

You heard what Guillermo said last night, didn't you?

Harris will get it fixed.


Go quicker!

We dug a hole in the ground.

That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.

Beavers are hard-working animals.

Malloy goes to church every Sunday morning.

I don't know whether he's younger or older than I am.

See you at Francis's place.

Look, a shooting star!

Eight guys have eyes.


Today's a beautiful day.


The library is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You will learn how to do it in time.

Saumya won't find out.


We'll speak to them later.

I have to remove your nerve.

You should read books beneficial to you.

I don't plan on being a waiter all my life.

There cannot be progress without communication.

I'm tired of waiting to do all the things I want to do.

Packing sucks.

Please remember that anything Leif told us could be a lie.

My words provoked her to anger.


Tiny pets are in fashion now.

Robbin has been sleeping all day.

That song was very popular three years ago.

It is important whether we win the game or not.

Without a doubt, he's an honest man.

King couldn't get any work done because his children kept interrupting him.

Please remember to mail the letters.

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You don't eat anything.

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The police officer flashed his badge.

We emphasized the importance of his co-operation.

He ran so fast that I couldn't catch up with him.


Susan wants justice.

I thought I'd be fine.

I want to be fluent in French.

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Kirk has no idea what to say.

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This problem is an equality of k so we first solve the assigned equation for k.

The baby doesn't walk yet.

I want a little bit of coffee. I don't want anything else.

I don't speak French as well as you think I can.

Can you swim like him?

After years of success he has come down in the world.

It seemed unbelievable.


My watch has been repaired.


My childhood dream is coming true.


You're ruining a perfectly good paint job.

She majors in medicine.

They say that he's very diligent.

We are the future, guys.

You don't pay attention.


Let's go to sleep.

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Knock at the door before entering.

I often recall my happy childhood memories.

She went in search of a doctor for her sick baby.

I personally believe that you're right.

We're going to be too late again.

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You're quite smart.

Did you ever date them?

The opinions of the weak are easily assimilated into those of the strong.

Marilyn helped me do my homework.

My car is broken and it's in the shop now.


All storeys of the house are made of wood.

If you have any money with you, please lend me some.

You have to use the money wisely.

It's on the next corner.

The boys set up a hockey rink on the frozen pond.

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I believe that.


I'm proud to be an Italian.

When angry, count to ten before you speak.

There's only one way out.

Next time I see you, please give me your answer.

Cut the sarcasm. Just stick to the facts.


The more you drink, the less careful you will be.

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Anatole was a traveling salesman.

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Everything is working out just as Kelly predicted.

Dwayne taught Gerard how to play golf.

Unfortunately, they aren't so good.

This is an actual happening.

The difference is staggering.

Everything must go!

He drinks a moderate amount of coffee.

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This garden is open to the public and it's free.

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You understand what I'm saying, don't you?

He got up at once, struck a match, and looked at the time. It was exactly one o'clock.

It's wretchedly cold.

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I have absolutely no regrets.


I appreciate your comments.

She felt like crying.

What time do we get to San Francisco?


He took a deep breath before entering his boss's office.

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I have been waiting for almost half an hour.

All these apples are very sweet.

My shift's almost done.

Steve eventually agreed.

I'm getting bad vibes from him.


What you said convinced her.

I spent the whole day thinking about Guy.

Don't tell me what's possible!

I like your friend very much.

Do you see a fox?


I didn't factor those variables into the equation.

My mother spends a lot of money on clothes.

A passenger airplane took off for the USA.


The antique casual latin system has evolved to make greater use of prepositions in romantic languages.


I should call a doctor.